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April 01st – 05th, 2019

Hannover Messe
Please visit us in Hall 21, booth D39

Whatever the task you set for us, we develop THE individual and innovative special solution just for YOUR very own and individual customer request.

The gap-compensated high-pressure internal gear pump system "Eckerle" has been consistently developed since its invention in 1968. With our solutions we make it as easy as possible for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

We advise you as an expert and reliable partner and hope we can be part of your success story too!

Hannover Messe 2019 EN
April 01st – 05th, 2019
Hannover Messe
Hall 21, booth D39

Ask for an appointment at the fair. Looking forward to see you!

Our team at Hannover Messe

Jürgen Wegner

Mobile: 0162 / 2554852

Office: 07246 / 9204 980

Stefan Glasstetter

Mobile: 0160 / 7470682

Office: 07246 / 9204 950

Christian Müller

Mobile: Keine Angabe

Office: 07246/ 9204 907



EIPH – Suitable for every industrial application

The EIPH series was specially developed for use in industrial application and its high hydraulic standards They are distinguished by their exceptional quietness, very good levels of efficiency and long life span while being exposed to high pressure. The EIPH series are easy to combine with multiple pumps with separate or common suction is given.
Specific volume 1,6 – 250 cc/U



EIPC – The cost efficient solution for medium pressure applications

Specific volume 20 -250 cc/U



EIPQ – Less space, more performance. The reversible pumps from Eckerle

Following customer requests, we develop reversible pumps tailored to the respective application conditions.

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